Patented “SimulFIRE” (Gas AND Wood) Technology

There are many gas fired pizza ovens on the market. Gas is a worthy fuel choice because a gas-fired pizza oven is convenient to use. It fires up fast, burns hot, provides consistent temps over time and the fuel is widely available. That said, many prefer wood because of the mystique of cooking with wood fire plus the flavor imparted by a wood-fired oven cannot be matched. So, how does one choose? With a Bertello, you don’t have to because a Bertello burns both gas AND wood and not just one or the other. It burns both at the same time! You get the convenience of cooking with gas and the flavor from cooking with wood.

Some burn gas. Others burn wood. A few burn either. Only Bertello burns BOTH!

Easy-To-Clean “Slide-In/Slide-Out” Cordierite Pizza Stone

The pizza stone on a Bertello Pizza Oven is perfectly sized to easily slide in before use and easily slide out after cool-down for simple cleaning. The 0.6” thick Cordierite stone sets on four posts built into the floor of the oven which suspends the stone to allow for necessary heat circulation within the oven.

Premium Carbon/Stainless Steel Construction

The oven body on every Bertello is constructed from a stout carbon/stainless steel with a heat-resistant Bertello-black powder-coating for long-lasting durability. This, unlike some popular pizza ovens that have thinner “tinny” and uncoated walls that tend to discolor and easily dent.

Premium “Better Together” Propane Gas Burner/Wood-Burning Tray Combo

The premium Bertello propane gas burner attaches easily to the oven and propane tank to heat the oven to 900 degrees in less than 20 minutes; the wood burning tray sets right over the gas burner and can be accessed from above via a door that lets you drop on wood chips, chunks, kinding, pellets or lump charcoal (which is then automatically lit by the gas burner) in order to impart a wood-fire flavor to your pizza.

The Gas-Fired OR Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Dilemma (NOW SOLVED!)

Gas-fired OR wood-fired? When it comes to backyard pizza ovens, that is the question! Do you choose readily available, fast, clean and convenient gas-fired? Or the magic of a real wood fire with that amazing wood-fired flavor? Bertello's patented technology solves this dilemma by giving you both gas and wood-fired at the same time. Gas AND wood are better together! It is the best of both worlds and available only with Bertello!

Versatile fuel options

Bertello Pizza Ovens are designed for versatility, allowing users to cook with wood, charcoal, gas, or even a combination of wood and gas simultaneously. This flexibility ensures optimal flavor and cooking conditions tailored to your preference.

Compare our Pizza Ovens

Charcoal and Wood Fired
Gas Fired

gas burner sold separately

Max. Temperature

930+ Fahrenheit

930+ Fahrenheit

Cooking area



Cooking time

60 seconds - 2 minutes

60 seconds - 2 minutes

Cordierite Stone included

lifetime warranty

lifetime warranty

What's included

Bertello Pizza Oven, Gas Burner, Wood Burning Tray for Gas Burner, Pizza Peel, Wood/Charcoal/Pellet Tray, Pizza Stone, Infrared Thermometer, Weatherproof Cover

Bertello Pizza Oven, Cordierite Stone, Wood/Charcoal/Pellet Tray